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by Davien Neal, House of Ancestors LLC.

A    Did you know that your spiritual life force energy directly affects your physical health? Most people do not think about their sickness or physical conditions being caused by their own spirit or life force energy. They assume because the symptoms are in the physical body that the origins must also be physical. When you become ill, your first stop is most likely a physical doctor. While the physical body must be cared for, it should not always be the first thing you treat when you have a condition. All sickness or dis-ease starts from an imbalance in your life force energy or what the Chinese call “chi” or “Qi.” The idea is to have a strong flow or spiritual energy flowing through your body to prevent any physical condition from occurring in the first place. Prevention is better than treatment. If you can keep your chi or life force energy at a certain level, then you are much more likely to avoid certain physical conditions. 

    There are times when one may feel unwell but a trip to the doctor turns up nothing. In this case you should take a closer look at your spiritual health. Many of us do not realize that trauma is stored in the body. If you have childhood trauma or PTSD from any life altering events; that energy can be trapped inside of your body, resulting in health challenges. For example, you may have issues speaking up for yourself. This creates a block in your throat chakra. A blocked throat chakra can result in conditions such as laryngitis, chronic cough, thyroid disorders, and hoarseness. Another example is that you may have never gotten over a relationship or loss of a loved one

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