As a little girl, I watched my mother and grandmother's garden.  At the beginning of spring,  I knew it was time for the ritual of turning the soil, clearing out weeds, and planting seeds.  The idea and chore behind it all never seemed appealing.  Play in the dirt where critters live and breed?  Nah, I’ll pass.  


To my surprise about 30 years later, I was doing the very thing I said I would never do.  Cultivating and loving my garden while running from the occasional bug or two.   Hobbies are meant to ease your sanity and bring instant joy to your soul.  If not, it’s time to find a new hobby.  There is a certain level of peace that comes along with gardening and yard work and I completely lose myself when I’m putting my green thumbs to work.  It’s the therapist you never knew you needed.  But don’t get it twisted!  Gardening is truly backbreaking work, however, the end result is well worth it.  Get your notepad ready, and take notes, because we are getting down and dirty!


So, you’ve decided to try your hand at growing something.  You’ve killed more plants than you can count and you have sworn to stick with the plastic plants that are forever green while requiring zero water.  Doesn’t get easier than that!  But it does.  Following rules are important for most things, and gardening is certainly no exception.


House Plants: Flowers love the attention to detail, and they talk to you in different ways to let you know what’s going on.  If the leaves are drooping the plant is most likely thirsty and could use a drink.  The rule of thumb is to always do a finger test to determine how dry the soil is before giving your plants a nice H20 bath.  If your finger inserted about an inch is dry then get your watering can ready.  A common misconception is that you need to water your plants once a week.  Too much water can cause a condition known as root rot and can also cause drooping leaves.  The roots of the plant are the lifeline and health of your plant and if they are damaged or neglected the entire plant will eventually die.  It’s also very important to remove leaves that are yellow and brown.  If not, the dead leaves will begin to pull from the life of the plant.  A quick snip will prevent an even bigger problem.   Plants gravitate toward the sun and will begin to grow and lean in the direction the sun is coming from.  To obtain an even and fuller plant, rotate your plant once a week and before you know it the leaves have filled in quite nicely.


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