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By: Rick Wilford


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by Rick Wilford

If the truth be told, everybody needs a moment....


It was the picture I purposely snapped unbeknownst to her. The year was 2022, Palms Springs, the old Hard Rock Hotel, ninety degrees, in the middle of the desert and the pool. The water was three to four feet deep and she located a flotation device in the shape of a white rainbow dragon or unicorn. I don’t remember. She had forced me earlier to consume a frozen concoction with strawberries. I yielded. As she mounted the white steed of buoyancy, I knew it was about to happen. It was the moment that I had planned and hoped for. I call it, “A Moment for a Moment!!”

Everybody needs a moment.

We had spent several days together hand in hand and face to face practically every waking moment because that’s what lovers do. This moment was the one I was hoping for. The mistake most make in love is taking and sharing every moment together with no separation and or breathing room. Lack of separation robs a person of that which is most valuable, a Moment. Let me explain….

Every year when I would go and visit my parents in California, they would always offer advice on my first day of arriving. My mother would say, “Nobody knows you, so relax and enjoy yourself.” It was a reminder to unwind, loosen up a bit and let my hair down. For a few days, I would not be forced to live under the scrutiny of the public eye, the critical and their opinion. What a relief. My father’s advice was somewhat different but was just as valuable. He would say, “Regardless of how many days you spend here on vacation, take at least one day, go down to the beach and spend a day all by yourself!!” Spend a day in solitude so you can think and reflect. What a mind blowing idea!! Every visit, I would take him up on the offer to take a quiet moment and sit in the beach alone for a day. What a blessing and benefit!!!!

Everybody needs a moment…..

A chance to think, reflect, gather your thoughts, pray, meditate, soak up the sun, talk or even better, listen for direction from GOD and thank Him. Everybody needs a moment. He who hoards someone’s space and time is really afraid that if that person has an intelligent moment, they may come to the conclusion that something may need to be deleted, namely them. The point is, You have to give people space and moments.

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