Tasha Smith






Growing up in Camden, NJ, Tasha, and her twin sister, Sidra Smith were raised by their single mother. She credits her grandfather, Roosevelt Smith as being her biggest and deepest inspiration. Mr. Smith was the first person in Tasha’s family to appear on television not only as an actor, but also assisted with behind the scene work as well as stunt work. But the person that inspired her dream to act, was none other than the phenomenal Diana Ross in Lady Sings the Blues. Tasha stated “When Lee Daniels remade “The United States vs Billie Holiday”, it had a profound effect on me because as a kid, the blues impacted me so much. If you haven’t had a chance to check out this classic film, you should definitely do so. Diana Ross portrays the legendary jazz vocalist, Billie Holiday who faces a traumatic youth as she strives to become a singer and rises to stardom but also falls into using drugs.



BVM: You are a Powerhouse in the TV and Film industry, directing some of TV’s hottest shows such as BMF, Our Kind of People, 911, P-Valley, and Bel-Air to name a few. Which show or episode closely reflected your life or had the biggest impact on you?



TS: First I would say episode 5 of Bel Air because I love the relationship between Will and Trey.  Trey flying to LA to visit Will reminded me of some of my friends visiting when I moved to California when I was 18/19 years old. BMF was also special to me because I grew up with dope boys and directing that show was my homage to the muhf***** I grew up with, ok?

BVM:  So I can definitely see that BMF is the show that offered you the most memorable experience.

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