BlackVybez™ had the privilege of spending a little time with Ms. Mallard, and what a pleasure it was. Grab yourself a snack and a nice latte, and let’s talk about it....

Photo Credit: SOUPASPOON



BVM: How did you get involved with Sports consulting?.


I got involved in sports consulting in 2014 following my collegiate track and field career. I enjoyed helping the youth and giving them knowledge on what it takes to have an edge on their competition and that was cultivating their overall trajectory when it comes to being faster no matter what sport that an athlete plays.

BVM: What methods or practices do you use to prepare yourself each day mentally and physically for training?

The best practice and method that I use is to prepare myself by driving all my decisions by data. Every athlete is different and every athlete requires a different methodology when it comes to becoming faster. Data demands a more realistic response and it allows me to make less emotional decisions that benefit the athletes in the long run.

BVM: Was there an event in your life that propelled you to choose a career in athletic coaching?

What propelled me to choose a career in coaching was my father “Milton Mallard” he currently is a world-renowned coach at Texas A&M and has a trajectory of coaching world-class athletes and elevating them to perform at their highest level. He stated to me over a phone conversation “Ke you have a great personality, you are good with people and your energy is magnetic, and the bonus is you know what it takes to be great so won’t you give it a shot” After that, I decided to follow my calling and transitioned from athlete to coach and my career has taken off ever since.

BVM: Who is your biggest influence as a strength trainer?


KEONDRA MALLARD: I think my biggest influence as a coach is Phil Jackson. He has a quote that I think that I resonate quite well with and remember with my everyday habits. He states, “The most we can hope for is to create the best possible conditions for success, then let go of the outcome. The ride is a lot more fun that way.” Sometimes in life we want control over the outcome and that defeats the purpose of faith! So I do whatever I can to prepare for the best outcome and if it doesn’t go the way I intended I know God has a better plan and most importantly a better outcome!


BVM: How far does your experience as a trainer go back?


KEONDRA MALLARD: Being a trainer requires a lot of sacrifice, grit, and determination, I have been training athletes for over 9 years and counting. I’ve been blessed to come across so many different people that consist of athletes, coaches, parents, families, celebrities, and more. The best part of the experience is the wealth of knowledge that I have instilled over the years.


BVM: What’s your leadership and coaching philosophy? Are you a disciplinarian? Are you authoritarian or permissive?


KEONDRA MALLARD:  When it comes to leadership I believe in a Visionary Leadership Style, visionary leaders have clear, long-term visions, are able to inspire and motivate others to be successful. My favorite athlete of all time is the late Kobe Bryant, and he states, “The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.”


BVM: Do you believe in pushing athletes to their limits or do you have a more balanced approach? How much do you focus on fitness? What about tactics?


KEONDRA MALLARD: I believe every athlete is different and obviously the tactics and methods of training is complex based on the sport an athlete plays. Pushing athletes to their limits will always be a part of my training philosophy, now whether pushing them mentally or physically depends on what is needed at the time. Sometimes athletes just need you to be a sounding board for their frustrations so you have to be delicate on when to hit the button on pushing them physically, but when athletes choose my program they know it requires a level of grind that is not to be played with. Great Results require Great Work!


BVM: Did you face any challenges as you climbed the ladder and created your own lane in the Sports industry?



KEONDRA MALLARD: You know I have gotten this question a lot, a lot of people have come to me and said what gives you the confidence to be in a male-dominated industry, I simply stated “God!” I don’t worry about the next person I worry about the things that I can control and that’s me! I go out and be the best coach I can be and I let the universe work out the rest! If you are genuine and really want the best for athletes everything else is clockwork.


BVM: How do you keep players motivated and group morale high?


KEONDRA MALLARD: I keep athletes motivated by relating to them and getting to know them on their level of understanding. Sending a text and telling them to have a great day, daily reminders of their divine purpose! With everything going on in this world people just want you to be kind and that goes a long way!


BVM: What was your best track and field score of all time?


KEONDRA MALLARD: My greatest achievement in my track and field career was setting the Junior Olympic Record all while having a stress fracture. I think that made me realize that I could do anything I put my mind to and that in life challenges come but it’s all on how we deal with it!


BVM: What was your biggest inspiration behind opening The Mallard Speed Doctor Academy?


KEONDRA MALLARD: My biggest inspiration was that I wanted to break barriers not only for women but for black women! You can be and do anything and If I can give them the example of what black success looks like then the youth have something to be inspired by and one day can become just like I did.


BVM: Out of all of the people you have trained, who has been your most challenging? Who would be the one that pushed you to work harder at what you do?



KEONDRA MALLARD: Every athlete pushes me to be the best coach I can be. There is not one athlete that I don’t value. Every athlete that comes through my program knows that I am going to give them the best of me and we will WIN TOGETHER!


BVM: What piece of advice would you give to the young women that would like to follow in your footsteps?